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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review: Hair Rebonding

Hi all loyal readers, I should be hanging around here quite often before I start my working life again (been having some intensive job search past few days).

Anyway I did Hair Rebonding some time back, just right before my Genting Trip with W.

After a few days of googling and Flowerpodding, many girls are raving over Home-based Salon, Aunty Xiu Zhen's hair rebonding services. So I decided to give it a shot. For your info, my hair is not that straight like you always see here, it's just a after results of hair straightening. I always straighten my hair before I head out and it's very troublesome. Because everywhere I go for stay-overs, straightener is with me & it's very damaging to my hair.

However, I am using this straightener for the past 4 years, Braun ES2 Pro. I bought it at $129.00 at Best Denki years ago & it's still working good, except for the wiring (abit loose)


Back to Aunty Xiu Zhen, I tried sending her text messages but she didn't reply. So I think you will have to give her a call instead.

I reach the place slightly late because I overslept. Her place was very clean, the room where she did all her hair-works is air-conditioned, very simple layout but she definitely got everything she needed. She was serving another customer when I got there but she didn;t made me wait too long. Overall service was good, she's very chatty and friendly telling me how our behavior/temper would affect our hair and stuff like that. As she was serving another customer so I had to blow dry my hair myself but as soon as she is done she would come over to blow dry for me (she probably didn't want me to sit there and wait) 

I am really pleased with the end results and Aunty Xiu Zhen's services. The whole procedure only lasted 1.5 hours, compared to the previous times when I need to sit there for hours! This is definitely much time-saving and I only paid $60 for my length of hair.

For end results, you may view photos from my Genting Trip post.

To contact Aunty Xiu Zhen,
Mobile : 90661898
Home : 67912206
Address : Block 945 Jurong West Street 91 #09-515

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