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Monday, 27 May 2013

Travelog : Genting,Malaysia 2013 -Day 1

As the title says it all,

I have to say special thanks to Nuffnang and Resort World Genting for holding this competition for all bloggers. I manage to grab a chance to visit Resort World Genting for a short retreat(3D2N). I should say this opportunity came just in time..

So W and I managed to set a date out of all our busy schedules and here we go..

We left in the night because I didn't want to waste a day there..This is us just outside Golden Mile waiting to board the coach. We travelled with Five Star Tour, Super VIP coach but there wasn't any facilities, minimal space and the chair is rather old & normal compared to the ones I sat previously.. It wasn't a very pleasant trip up because of other inconsiderate passengers who were sitting infront of us. Despite the minimal spacing, they still pull their seats down to the maximum like it's their own OSIM massage chair at home. It's really bad to the extend W cant even twitch his legs.

So anyway, I only brought a bottle of water, 2 packets of Marmee snacks and 3 pack of Oreo Waffles because my brother gave them to me. And I only munched on a pack of Marmee. Why so because actually the coach stops every 2-3 hours. Apart from those Customs Stops. So if you're not a snacking person, you will definitely be able to survive the whole journey without preparing any food.

The first Food-Stop was at Yong Peng.
And since W and I are just craving for some caffeine, we got ourselves each a cup of white coffee for 4.50 RM.

We reach Genting Highlands at 5am, check in our luggage at the counter first for free (you wont want to carry it around with you) Took a queue number and we went for Macdonald Breakfast. The official check-in time is afternoon. However, you may get a queue number and be able to check in earlier. So we hang out around until 10am and finally got a room at First World Hotel Tower Two.

Excited at the same time tired..

We took a power nap and woke up in the afternoon then we headed right down to Chocolate Farm, Strawberry Farm and Chin Swee Temple.

If you're a great fan of strawberry, they do sell lots of cute girly strawberry souvenirs.. Bathroom slippers, tissuebox covers, bolsters, umbrella etc. for about 20 RM each

Thats us posing around with the cow-boy hat. However, we cam-whored with it already then I noticed they wrote "no photography" on the hat. Hahaha.

Apart from the souvenir shop, you will walk thru and be able to harvest your own strawberries & take them home, 100g for 6 RM.

Next we went to Chin Swee Temple..

It was already quite late when we reach there, the temple is literally already closed but you can still walk around and have a look at the breathe taking views from above..

Since Chin Swee Temple was our last destination of the day, we headed back to our Hotel, had Mary Browns and we hit the sheets. That was how our first day ended..

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