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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

CNY Haul

First of all this is a very late post I know. Lunar New Year 2013 have already been a few days now! Sorry for the lack of update because I have been shopping for CNY at the very last minute as well. I thought I am quite lucky to find some very nice and affordable apparels (even at the very last min). So I will share with you what I have bought.

For those who not know, Chinese new year is all about red red red, you got to dress up like a big ang pao (just kidding). But anyway, I sub-conciously bought 2 red dresses for CNY. I am not superticious or traditional, just that red is nice, i like red, the colors for that particular dress out of stock, so i just settled with red.

First one up here, is a red dress from montifs, which is located at Bugis Village Level 1.
Got this at 15 bucks only.. initially wanted a turquoise but no stocks, it's quite lengthy and fitting. I like to pair my dresses with a beautiful belt. And most of my belts are in black. Cause black goes well with anything. So you can wear 7 different dresses a week but with the same black belt. lol.

Talking about Montifs, it's one of my favourite shopping place. They have many beautiful dress/skater skirts for only less than a 20 bucks. Which is quite affordable compared to boutiques. 20 bucks or less for a fashionable dress, even if you throw or you wash 1 time spoil, your heart wont feel a sting. lol. Not saying the dress is cheapskate or what but as compared to 80 bucks for 1 piece, this is more worth-your-money.

Second one up, also a red dress. But this is from W. Which he got me when we were at City Plaza level 4 doing last minute shopping. $16 bucks for this lovely dress, last piece thou.

I am very picky when I buy my clothes, 360 degrees angle have to be nice and fitting then I am willing to fork out my cash for it. But I have to say this dress is really beautiful. Having the thought that W loiter around City Plaza, going into shops, flipping thru the racks ALONE is somehow funny to me.
Now the shoes part, which I got it from City Plaza as well, at a shop named My Beautiful Shoes (MBS). They carry lots of fashionable designs, studs to vibrant colors. Price range as low as $6 - $30

I got this black basic studded shoes at $29.90, which W and me choose it at first sight. Initially wanted the one with a bow at the front, but no size, this look as good. So I grab it.

Back to the dresses, having to know I have 2 red dress, I got another black one with a cute black bow at the left hand side shoulder.. over at Parkway Parade for freaking 12 bucks. Ya, 12 bucks only. Don't be surprise you can find cheap deals at Parkway. It's a shop near the bridge beside the 10 bucks hair cut station.
Enough of the dresses, because I was too cheapskate to splurge on shorts and tees since I want to make use of the dresses for work as well (one stone kill two bird ma).

I got this tribal tee (10 bucks) & a black shorts (16 bucks ) at Scape Flea.. 

Which I think it would really look nice for a casual day out & tribal is the trend now.

These are the my few grabs for the very last minute CNY Haul. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

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