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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tianloke's 21st Birthday: Changi Treehouse Villa

Another last post up for another 21st Birthday Celebration in my 4A'2008 clique!


The celebration was on a weekday, so I went down after my work to meet the rest over at Changi Village before we make our way there with the courtesy of birthday boy's dad who took 2 trips to drive us in.  

The place there was magnificent (best word to describe the Villa) look more like a castle. (exaggerating, I know) but it's like a bungalow lah. But it's only open for SAF members with a minimal rental fee which is way much more affordable than Coasta Sands, didn't take any photos of the building which I think you can easily google for that.

This is at some open roof shower area, connected to the toilet at the ground floor. Very cool concept, one bad thing (either i am too paranoid or what) nobody likes using the toilet there, always feeling someone is peeping through the holes. LOL. There's another toilet on the 2nd floor so, still not bad.

Bad quality photos taken by my I5. 

Been a long time since me and darling took a girls shot. lol in case you wondering, the background was nicol and DP on the bed in a awkward position, shouldn't circulate the photos but if you follow me on twitter, it's there. lol.

Stay till 12 midnight for the cake session, this time round a lil'bit different. Instead of typical cakes, we have donuts here. lol group photo with the clique, missing many of them out. Spirit is with us okay! 

End the post with this, one of my favourite!


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