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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Most of you are probably outside having a blast now, this post is set to scheduled on 12mn! So I hope to wish whoever who is reading this now, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead. And of course hope that 2013 will be better for all ..

This year would be a lil bit different, every year I would take account of what happened in my 2012 and my resolutions for 2013. But I will not, this time round.. Mainly because I haven't work out what I want and I am starting to ponder who I actually am. It's weird to welcome 2013 with a thought like this but yea, I am somewhat lost in space. Nevertheless, thank you all readers for your support throughout 2012 and I hope I would bring more post worth reading for you guys in 2013..

God bless all of you.

With lots of love,
Audrey Alyssa

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