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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Review : Magical Hair Studio by Elly

Hi all again, as you guys can see my red hair previously before I re-dye it at Magical Hair Studio.

Just look at the super turn off black roots and the faded red to like orange brown, just very cui only.. But I found some reviews online and raves about Magical Hair Studio by Elly who previously did her own home-based salon before she open a shop at Tampines this year June..

Yup so I made a appointment with her on a weekday, forgot when is it thou. And frankly speaking, there is still many customers there on weekdays and she is handling all by her own.. I waited for awhile, not very long.. and this is the outcome..

Not very red from the photo since it's taken indoor.. 

This is a photo of me taken next day after the whole hair makeover (red & forward layer haircut) with the help of morning sunlight outdoors. No color enhancement, no editing of lights. 

So total damage to my wallet is $80 for color and $18 for haircut. I know right, very cheap for my freaking long hair.. Overall, it is a nice salon and I will definitely go back to her again!

Magical Hair Studio by Elly
Block 433 Tampines Street 43
Singapore 520433
Contact number : 6789 7611

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm

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