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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Get-A-Way : Coasta Sands Resort Pasir Ris 2012

Hey guys, it's been a long time since I update this space here. Been really busy with my online store and work. And if you follow me on Twitter @audreylyr you will know I am sick for the past few weeks. But nevertheless, I did enjoy myself over the weekends as well.

This photo here may be a lil bit misleading.. It's not mine la, it's for W's mummy & daddy 28th wedding anniversary celebration! So we held the celebration over at Coasta Sands Pasir Ris, we were lucky that the unit given was just by the pool, so we don't have to feel the heat from other unit..

W trying so hard to blow the balloon because we already blown almost 32 balloons since that morning.

And the heart shape attempt failed badly..

A photo of us, in the morning, on the way for mac breakfast!

Photos of us trying to camwhore while waiting for the rest to arrive!
Had a few rounds of card games with W's bro and sister & friends before the BBQ start, dont need me to further elaborate, see the cocky face below you know who is winning money already..

So the night went on, weather wasn't that good. December, rainy season. Bad time to BBQ. But we manage to hang up a canvas so we still have a shelter. The rain wasn't too big and it didn't last for long.. We ordered a cake from Prima Deli, for W's parents wedding anniversary.. Had the usual cake cutting session and all. Until everyone is done with eating, table session starts again for the whole night until next morning 4am..

Once again, I am thankful for all people who made this event a successful one, and everyone who came down that day, and to those who win my money, believe me, you will pay back one. Hahaha! Last but not least, I will end this post with a happy photo!

Coasta Sands Pasir Ris
159M Jalan Loyang Besar, Pasir Ris Park, Singapore 509404

There are many promotions now to offer, comes with free Wild Wild Wet entrance tickets and a complimentary 2 year nebo membership! 
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