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Friday, 21 December 2012

Agony of a online store owner - Part 1

As you all know, I am currently managing my own contact lens online store business "Flauntlabel" facebook based, so I will get to know/meet all kinds of customers. Friendly, rude, troublesome etc. I specially screenshot some down just to share my experiences.

I am not trying to blacklist or shame them here in this space, just purely sharing with you guys.

Yup, so this BUYER here, ordered lens from me and she opted to meet up for collection instead of postage because she wanted her lens before December 1st (it was mid nov back then). So I stated very clearly under the T&C that meet up will be at no cost but only on weekend at Marsiling MRT. But she was working so then on we fixed a timing at Kallang MRT on a friday (23rd Nov) which I personally gave in and agree to travel all the way to Kallang after my work.

So I was nice all along, Monday at Choa Chu Kang for me is totally out of the way. So I rejected her nicely..

And then she requested to meet up on Monday (just nice I am on leave). So, give and take. I agreed.
Then on monday she play stunt already. change to vista point at woodland which i dont even know where the heck is that place. I still maintain my good service attitude..

Then now come another person (colleague)..

As you can see, appointment at 7pm. I auto drop her a msg at 6.13pm to ask her to get her friend to drop me a call, no replies.. 

Until 7.22pm her friend auto drop me a text say call until her phone no battery.. My arguement on this statement, if call cannot get thru, won't you try to drop a text message ? Then nevermind, not everyone will think the same way, give and take. Her friend say she stay near woodland, so I decided to wait for another 10 minute, which she also agreed (see the below screenshot)

After 10 minutes of waiting I text her again to ask if she is reaching, this is what she replied.


Then I already told her friday will be out of town, next message was, Friday at Kallang?


So my point is, if you opt for meet up, please try to make it on time. If you have special reasons, like family prob or your cat dog fish hamster died. It's totally understandable. But don't play stunt with me like that la, drag another person in the drama then that person also play stunt and expect me to meet your timing instead of you meet mine. If you're paying for my transport, wherever you request I will go. But I am doing a meetup at no cost. Why must I suit your timing.. Customer is always right, provided you are reasonable only. We are doing a business here, and I am going an extra mile in my customer service. So don't take that for granted. 

Story ends like this.. I still maintain and post her lens out promptly. There are many many more encounter in future, but keep fingers cross, stand in each other shoes. Online store is all about you buy I sell. At the end of the post, I would like to further emphasize, no hard feelings just to share my points and views about correct attitude of a seller and buyer, I am not saying mine is correct but yea, give and take.

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