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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Movie : Ah Boys To Men Part 1

Just as you can see the title, have you guys watch the trending movie yet ?


I am not a Jack Neo die hard fan but I watched all of his film-works. More like a habit ah, but no doubt. Jack Neo's movies are all very typical singaporean kind and you will expect alot of scene conversing in hokkien dialect. Very very typical..

So since the movie is about Army days and all, you can probably see alot of familiar faces on screen like Qiuqiu/Noah and Tosh. I have to say Noah and Tosh is very comedy in the movie but of course the main focus goes to Protective Mother, Irene Ang. In the movie you can see Irene Ang trying ways and means to not let her boy serve the army.

So either than all the funny scenes, there are also touching moments. For example the war scene, imagine if Singapore was in a state of war, somehow or so. And all the innocent souls were sacrificed, normal reaction is to feel sad right. Unless you not human! Haha..

Enough said, it's overall a nice show and I am anticipating for Part 2!
So those who have not yet catch the movie, hurry up now!

Side track from the title, more on to my personal life recently..

As usual in the background, you can see someone busy with his Dragon Bane app.


This may look lame, but it's so cute right the ponies! I very busy trying to build a beautiful pony land, hahaha but they ask me to connect to facebook and search for friends, to my horror, NO ONE PLAYING IT LEH. I mean even hay day also got friends playing why this pony game no one playing.. you all better go download. NOW!

 Look at all the ponies! so Q right! And I just realised there's a pony named Lyra in it. But I haven unlock la.. Faster all of you go download at appstore now, it's freeeeeee!

Mummy bought this Sony 8GB Thumbdrive for me at 7-11 for only 10? I think yea, many colors to choose from! So she got me a pink one and I itchy hand go zh-ng it. Now mummy says look like a lighter which i think it really look like one. 

Ending the post with me in my enhanced edited red hair because it's fading already and W says no no to go touch up. He says it's red enough. lol.

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