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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Daily Life Updates

Been very busy recently, with work and my online store (will blog more about it soon). It's coming to the end of November soon, just a few more days. How have your November been ? Mine is pretty fucked up, mainly because of my job/boss/customers. If you follow me on twitter, I rant alot when I am at work.

Which is why I am busy looking for a way out as well.. I randomly sent in a application form for Flight Crew to Flyscoot. They called me up for a interview assessment last weekend. I was pretty keen at first, wanted to give myself a chance to try. But I didn't went for it at the very last minute, I backed out.

So I am still in the midst of looking for a company to hop.. Hahaha

His pout lips with my very naked bare face. We were in the midst of Dragon Nest-ing. I know I know, very outdated game, but the avatar is really cute. Now my sorceress is only level 24, I am already thinking of creating another avatar because W randomly created one mini sized one with 2 cute pony-tail, carrying a huge bazooka and flies around with Doreamon helicopter fan thingy..
That is W and Rae !

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