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Thursday, 22 November 2012

20 questions about Audrey Alyssa

Hello all readers! I decided to blog something more about myself today. So as you can read the title. It's 20 questions I randomly found on Google. So I will be answering the questions which I think it may be quite interesting..

Here it goes!
1. My Name

Audrey, my surname is Li. Alyssa is not in my IC. 
2. My Birthday

Falls on the 13th day of July and I am a canceranian!
3. My Religion
I am a Catholic
4. My Favourite Color
Baby pink, red and most importantly black if you noticed almost all my clothes are black and my hair is red, my nail color is always black / pink.. My room is in pink, my bed is. Melody is red, piglets and kitty is pink. Hahaha, very easy to guess my favourite color de lah!
5. My Favourite Cartoon Character
I have alot but if I will just mention the Top 3.
  • Hello Kitty
  • Piglet
  • My Melody
6. My favourite subject in school..
This is tedious, because if I have the choice I would say none. Very boring right the answer. So I think it would be chinese? Reason why is chinese means free-period.. and I really think it's not easy being a chinese teacher.. (if you know what I mean)
7. My Favourite Song (at the moment)
There are quite afew, so I will pick 1 of different language..
  • Ngai Gern Pai (Thai)
  • 我還是一樣 (Chinese)
  • I'll try (English)
8. My Favourite Sports

I detest sports. I hate the idea of sweating and I hate hot weathers. And I obviously don't like being tan. But, if I have to choose, it'll be cycling (because it's easy) and I mean cycling on straight pathways/road. Not the pulau ubin that kind. Hahaha
9. My Favourite Drink
I'm addicted to caffeine. It's not healthy I know but I need a cup of coffee every morning and every night. But now every morning I will buy a cup of Teh-C from the foodcourt at my workplace. So I guess my favourite drink will be Coffee and Teh-C..I will miss coffee if I am travelling or not at home. So each time I travel, my must have item is packets of 3-in-1 coffee. Hahaha For soft drinks, will of course be typical Ke-Le (Coke) & Green Tea.
10. My Favourite Food

I don't eat veggie, I am more to a carnivore, especially beef. I don't like chinese cuisine, unless it's home cooked. I prefer western and it would always be Chicken Chop. I like pasta too but I don't like spaghetti, I prefer fusilli. I can always enjoy a meal with fusilli and just butter & salt. Weird I know, but it's nice to me.
11. My Favourite Perfume

Gucci Envy Me

12. My Favourite Movie
I like those romance plot kind, like sex in the city, no strings attached but my favourite is One Day.
13. My Favourite TV Dramas
I will always find new taiwanese drama to chase, I watched almost all of them. I guess my favourite will be
  • 爱上查美乐 (美乐加油) by Cyndi Wang 
  • Game Rai Game Rak (Thai Drama) by Nadech and Yaya.
14. How I spend my weekend
My life is not exciting, I don't drink and I don't club like what normally people do on weekends. I will spend mine at home with the telly or the computer. Either working or surfing the internet. I would game also.. at times.. if you read my blog, I used to game maple story private server/blackshot/XW Online. Now I am playing Dragonnest because the avatar is cute.
15. When I start blogging

I started blogging when I was 13. You can't find the blog post under the archieves, I changed and moved many address..
16. I am working at..

I am currently working at a Aircraft interior design company as warrior, if you follow my twitter, you will know I have one of the best boss ever in my whole life *roll eyes*
17. I graduated from..

I studied at Bedok North Secondary for 4 years, completed with a O level cert, it was not ideal. So I re-took my Os as a private candidate. It didn't turn out as what I wanted too. So I further my studies at ITE College East Simei.. Just graduated from there this year..
18. I major in..

I major at Logistics Management in ITE College East. Mainly because during that one year when I was retaking my Os, I worked part time in a logistics company and the influences around me, so I furthered my field of studies in Logistics..
19. Places I like to shop at..
There are afew places I like. It would be Far East Plaza and Bugis Village, because you can find all the trending fashion there. Which only minimal amount of money. Don;t know if it applies to all of you. But I am the type that only wear clothes for a few times, then dump it at the secluded corner of my wardrobe. So if the clothes only 10 bucks, won't heart-pain also. And I rather take 100 bucks for 10 pieces of clothing for me to wear different set for like 10 days. Than 100 bucks for 2 pieces.
If you're night owl kind, I like to shop at Mustafa also. Because you can find alot of good deals there. Don't know is it chiong or not la. But works out fine for me.. somemore is 24-hour. Nothing do can go walk around..

I hate too crowded places, because it makes me feel like puking and dizzy. So I always avoided peak hours.
20. My favourite restuarant/cafe/eating place

I will name afew..
  • Swee Choon Dim Sum (closed on Tuesdays)(6pm-6am) especially the xiao long bao, is a MUST TRY dish..
  • Ikea
  • 85 Market

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