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Monday, 18 June 2012

@ Enterprise One

Hi e-ver-ri-bo-dy!

I'm back to this space as I am enjoying some free time in the office currently. So yes, as I mentioned before, I switched job not a very big company, maybe less than 10 of us. And am the only girl with all the uncles. haha! Kind of like the idea here, cause no bitch fights, no bitching here and there. So am basically managing the whole office alone which can be done in half a day. lol. my job may seems easy but the responsibilities is there. So if anything happens, I will be the first sheep for sacrifice. lol

I started work with nothing at all, no pencil holder no ruler, no bear. This is the freedom I am given to pack the whole office according to my preference. haha!

Apart from the job, the BF here started out a new job on the same day as me. so have been sleeping and going home early that week and spent our first weekend wisely. #simplelife

About less than a month more we will be celebrating our birthday again together, what would you love for bday ?

ok, am going to open letter box naoo, so bye all! . Hahaha!

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