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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Rolling E-ver-y-whr

Caught Smurfs and FD5 last few weeks. Been running around SG every start of the weekends,lol. And then again, make you wonder how big can SG be.

That's B, with 4 3D Glasses! lol upgraded cyclops!

And oh yah, we went swimming last week! lol at Jurong Complex. No pictures because to rush too lethargic and not free. lol

Brought the dogs to farm this evening, looking around kennels then back to B's crib to freshen up. Then out again to Balestier for super duper spicy bak kut teh. lol! shoik but still, spicy. Then next stop was Jurong Hilltop to la liang la liang , candles and lanterns. Next is home. lol And then I was whining about " how long have we not took any photos together .. " Then there it is ! LOL

Going to end this post soon because 4.30am I am still up awake. Why? Bcos I am typing every single letter here enduring the fucking pain in my stomach that is mixing whatever i have eaten for the past few days, damnmotherfuckingirritating. Since 2.30am. End this with 2 cute lil doggy and Evo daddy blowing Evo's fur!

Monkey and Jiajia's Louis & B and mine Evo!
Bye smurfs!

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