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Monday, 25 July 2011

Get-A-Way : Starcruise Virgo, Redang Island July 2011

k, been very super busy now a days. Blogging my recent trip with B on starcruise virgo before i totally forgotten about it.

Found out that we were right above another small boat which seems like they were pumping petrol for the cruise because the fuel smell was overwhelming..

Chilling out on the decks at level 7 with grandma beside us on the phone..
As you can see above picture was taken at the stairs on deck 13

 Abit blur, but i know B was asking me to hug the tree LOL!

  Taken when the cruise was still stationed at Harbourfront with the view of sentosa island..
 Above was taken using Iphone3GS Lol, just a snapshot

 Taken in the lift ...

 the main lobby at Deck 7

 The lounge at Deck 12, trying to imitate the Captain look with the steering wheel. lol

 Deck 6, outside Bella Vista waiting for seat at the western dining area..

 Deck 8, outside The Lido after watching the russian performance..

 B at the arcade playing street fighters..

 At deck 10 outside the arcade..

At Deck 12 after lunch, waiting to depart to Redang Island..

 At Redang.. Nothing there except for the nice clear blue ocean which is damn good for snorkeling. too bad we didn't snorkel..

 Last day, on our way home to Jurong at Harbour Front centre after lunch..
Very long never see EVO face right .. haha, he just drop his teeth and mummy step on it lol! Poor Evo boy!

See you guys soon again ! Byebye!

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