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Monday, 6 June 2011

X-men & Hangover 2

  Caught 2 movies with B this weekend, cause next weekend will be burn, damn burn. Anyway, both of them not that bad, just that missed a lil'bit of the front part. lol, all because of the marina square whole building door all close, only left one at the carpark open especially when the carpark was as big as football field. lol.

Brought Evo for health checkup on Friday, doctor said it was normal for dogs to burp. And have weird sounds because of his not yet full grown air pipe. Overall he is healthy, just a lil'bit of rashes at his hind legs and ear mites.. which is all curable, thankfully.And doctor said it was normal for male dogs to wee wee without lifting up his legs, because no one show him how to do so lol ( no dogs show him how to do it ) . But it's better that way la, at least he won't go round wee wee on my wall. lol Brought him to B's sister place to play with her dogs. And i think he likes it alot being surrounded by female dogs. lol.

Saturday was normal day, brought Evo back to B's crib and he vomited all over his body and I need to bathe him with clear water again.. hurts to see him vomitting every car rides but he needs to get use to it..

Then movie at night at west mall..
Went down to buy supper at 7eleven midnight.. Eat and sleep like pig until sunday afternoon lol

 This is the nicest photo of all.. EVO BOY ! First day at home after we bought him at pet farm. lol

Taken today! Growing a lil bit bigger already ..

k, people gdnight!

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