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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lyrical Miracle/Sims 3 Medieval

Lyrical Miracle in Big Momma by Brenden T.Jackson. Very catchy,i don't know why. lol

Ok, anyway have been neglecting the space here, been playing Sims 3 Medieval recently. Fun completing those quest.

Going to start attachment on Monday, would it be hell or heaven ? lol
Haven got my passport photo ready yet..

Anyway, sudden feelings I got with no special reasons .. I'm very grateful to those who once forsake me, ex-boyfriends / friends . Because you all make my life so much easier. I learn through mistakes, I learn to open my eyes big, I learn to set standards higher. It wasn't my fault for being unable to keep you all here beside me, it wasn't my duty at all. Cheers, to those ex-boyfriend who forsake me for girls from third-world country. Cheers, to those friends who forsake me for stupid reasons. Because I deserve more than that. I'm happy with my life now, happy with what I've got. My family, a loving boyfriend and a bunch of friends who would always be there. What else could be better than this ?

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