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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


This post is pretty late but better than never. lol

Friday, B finally brought me for steamboat, yeah, just the two of us. Then after that was movie date at town. Love and other drugs, nice movie, very touching actually. But I only teared when the movie about to end. lol. B's crib afterthat till the next morning..

Saturday, woke up late for some car inspection. So amk first then ubi. Then B brought me to Bugis for shopping. My crib in the evening. Then B brought me to Bedok Point for subway, nothing nice there. Except for all the food.

Sunday was amazing. B brought me to Nex Mall. lol. I look like a tourist over the weekend. B brought me to places I haven't been to. Haha. Back to MP for my foot appt, not really good, still a lil' bit swollen but I have started wearing shoes, hope everything gets back to normal before CNY. Then Mummy's birthday dinner at Jack's Place with my family.

Thankyou B for the perfect weekend.

TA-DA. Too excited over the weekends that I have no photos.
Time to give my bed its due respect. BYE HUMANS

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