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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Been really busy with running errands for the chinese new year and it's almost all for Mummy. I haven't bought my clothes while everybody else in the family already got it done with. My room is still in a mess, pigsty to be exact. lol. Another left undone is getting B to fix the TV in my room. Big project, I need the drillers and to call starhub for another cable tv box. And I want to sign up for PAssion Card at the Community Centre just to enjoy cathay cineplex benefits. 12 bucks for a membership of 5 years, why not ? And no, I haven started studying for BTT. Think it's going to be a big F on the screen.

Am still wearing slippers everyday. Close to 2 weeks, my feet still look like an elephant's. FML

I want to enjoy some buffet soon, miss all the meat. lol Die hard carnivore.

I know you all miss me. End here with my picture.

Counting down to Friday and the weekends. Next Up will be Mummy's Bday.

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