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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Town Town Town

I've been popping my face in town for consecutive 2 days, on a weekend somemore. People Mountain People Sea. -.-"

Anyway, I supposed to meet Key around his place before 11. So when I'm so prepared to walk to the bus stop. He called and ask me not to move. For the first time in my 17 years, I'm holding on to Newspaper, waiting outside the library door like a retard.
Just to wait for the library to open doors at 10am. BIG BIG BIG SNORES. And guess what, Key reached in like 1 hours and 30 minutes later.

Lunch @ Wareong Penyet, then we bused down to Bugis. Caught Angels & Demons at the FilmGarade located at the new shopping mall beside street. The show is nice though. I got thoughts of getting the book. Well, Yiling and Jaron came afterwards. Then somehow, me and Yiling left them for some shoppings.

Then, somehow in the end.
Yiling went off to bedok, while Key accompany me back home. SMILESSSSSS [:

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