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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Screw this blog

I just find this two girls psychotic, if they feel lusty and have sexual desires. Fucking keep it to themselves! There's no need to share with people all your dirty little secrets la, just do it behind your fucking doors.

And yes, I'm doing personal attacks because someone used my name, with my blog address and fucking tagged at the " CUM BOX " if there's any guys availiable. And F those bastards/bitches who made me having anonymous people coming on the messenger telling me " Hey, i added you from idontneedaman.blogspot " SCREW YOU GUYS TO THE MAX.

By doing this tells me that you guys are just DESPERATE. Like hello, must you add me on the messenger just because someone jolly well used my name to tag if there's any guys availiable? Yes, I may look and dress bitchyly BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M OUT LOOKING FOR SOME GIGS.

Those who linked to my blog from that FUCKED UP LUSTY BLOG MENTIONED ABOVED. Don't ever ever ever try to add me on my messenger. If you're feeling horny just jolly well F the wall.

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