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Monday, 4 May 2009

Quit playing games with my heart

liars, liars, liars are everywhere, every corner. I can't understand the fun part of being one ? Maybe ( fill in the blanks ) knows it very well. Perhaps he's enjoying ? I'll just have to say, I'm lucky enough to not fall into his plot yet .

What's with the guiltyness ( fill in the blanks ) mentioned about contacting the other one when there's a " me " ? Lol. What's with the strong feeling ( fill in the blanks ) said before ? Lol. What's with the 2 slots ( fill in the blanks ) said ? What's with the " i'll promise i'll never let you down " phrase which ( fill in the blanks ) bragged about ? Lol.

It is a waste that ( fill in the blanks ) couldn't continue the game isn't it ?
I should have kept all the texts from ( fill in the blanks ) and compare it with the lies, it would be interesting..


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