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Friday, 29 May 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens

Just the movie title alone reminds me of Miss Lee Yi Ling. lol

I slept at around 12 noon and woke up at 6pm plus today. Off to meet up with Melvin @ Ehub for Monster vs Aliens. Friday night, just the two of us, how lonely. -.-" I wonder where were the rest of the cliques ? lol

We saw Yiling at Ehub after her movie then we went dine in @ PastaMania. While Melvin and I ditch her with her friend, we went for our Monsters vs Aliens. The show wasn't that much interesting but well, Melvin seems to be enjoying every second of it. LOL.

bus 12 back to Katong, while we walked down to East Coast Macdonalds and I had my so called " supper " ? lol. Home sweet home at 1 plus.

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