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Thursday, 28 May 2009


Jurong Point with Tian Mu, Ah Yong and Xiaojie this evening, then to Yong's house for PS2 Wrestling match. BIG BIG LAUGHS, I keep losing man. Yong's controller all lag one. Hahahas!

Changi Village for Nasi Lemak with GuoXing's lorry. And he drove to OCH. Ta ma de, I don't even dare open my eyes la. Then to some place to see aeroplane fly. -.-" LOL. Home sweet home @ around 2 plus.

To those who tagged me regarding my previous post,
Yes yes, thanks for all the concern. I came to know something even more about him today. Some flirtatious bastard as well. Bomb like a canon rocket. Yes, he is so not worth and I'm bloody moving on after 2 months of living hell. You miss me? Miss the days ? Or you missed her even more ? lol, fuck yourself with your lies and well written script. You said you were disappointed about your friends and me. You said that we said things behind your back. Get this damn right clear, those things we said were the truth, it wasn't anything got to do with bad mouthing. What you're doing behind us is then called bad mouthing, you don't know the truth, don't let your imaginations run wild and assume all the nonsensical stuff. Your karma will come soon, and I'll be waiting for it.

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