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Friday, 28 June 2013

The Lone Ranger

If you are a Pirates of the Carribean Fan, you should catch "The Lone Ranger" in cinemas as well. Brought to you by the same team! Staring Johnny Depp as a Native American Spiritual Warrior & Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger.

It's been a long time since W & I caught a action movie together, (quite long i guess, been about a month) and I actually really like "western" kind of movie, cowboys and revolvers. By looking at the pictures, it really excites me.


Catch Disney's "The Lone Ranger" in Singapore cinemas this 4 July 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore Youtube Channel!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review: Hair Rebonding

Hi all loyal readers, I should be hanging around here quite often before I start my working life again (been having some intensive job search past few days).

Anyway I did Hair Rebonding some time back, just right before my Genting Trip with W.

After a few days of googling and Flowerpodding, many girls are raving over Home-based Salon, Aunty Xiu Zhen's hair rebonding services. So I decided to give it a shot. For your info, my hair is not that straight like you always see here, it's just a after results of hair straightening. I always straighten my hair before I head out and it's very troublesome. Because everywhere I go for stay-overs, straightener is with me & it's very damaging to my hair.

However, I am using this straightener for the past 4 years, Braun ES2 Pro. I bought it at $129.00 at Best Denki years ago & it's still working good, except for the wiring (abit loose)


Back to Aunty Xiu Zhen, I tried sending her text messages but she didn't reply. So I think you will have to give her a call instead.

I reach the place slightly late because I overslept. Her place was very clean, the room where she did all her hair-works is air-conditioned, very simple layout but she definitely got everything she needed. She was serving another customer when I got there but she didn;t made me wait too long. Overall service was good, she's very chatty and friendly telling me how our behavior/temper would affect our hair and stuff like that. As she was serving another customer so I had to blow dry my hair myself but as soon as she is done she would come over to blow dry for me (she probably didn't want me to sit there and wait) 

I am really pleased with the end results and Aunty Xiu Zhen's services. The whole procedure only lasted 1.5 hours, compared to the previous times when I need to sit there for hours! This is definitely much time-saving and I only paid $60 for my length of hair.

For end results, you may view photos from my Genting Trip post.

To contact Aunty Xiu Zhen,
Mobile : 90661898
Home : 67912206
Address : Block 945 Jurong West Street 91 #09-515

Monday, 27 May 2013

Travelog : Genting,Malaysia 2013 -Day 1

As the title says it all,

I have to say special thanks to Nuffnang and Resort World Genting for holding this competition for all bloggers. I manage to grab a chance to visit Resort World Genting for a short retreat(3D2N). I should say this opportunity came just in time..

So W and I managed to set a date out of all our busy schedules and here we go..

We left in the night because I didn't want to waste a day there..This is us just outside Golden Mile waiting to board the coach. We travelled with Five Star Tour, Super VIP coach but there wasn't any facilities, minimal space and the chair is rather old & normal compared to the ones I sat previously.. It wasn't a very pleasant trip up because of other inconsiderate passengers who were sitting infront of us. Despite the minimal spacing, they still pull their seats down to the maximum like it's their own OSIM massage chair at home. It's really bad to the extend W cant even twitch his legs.

So anyway, I only brought a bottle of water, 2 packets of Marmee snacks and 3 pack of Oreo Waffles because my brother gave them to me. And I only munched on a pack of Marmee. Why so because actually the coach stops every 2-3 hours. Apart from those Customs Stops. So if you're not a snacking person, you will definitely be able to survive the whole journey without preparing any food.

The first Food-Stop was at Yong Peng.
And since W and I are just craving for some caffeine, we got ourselves each a cup of white coffee for 4.50 RM.

We reach Genting Highlands at 5am, check in our luggage at the counter first for free (you wont want to carry it around with you) Took a queue number and we went for Macdonald Breakfast. The official check-in time is afternoon. However, you may get a queue number and be able to check in earlier. So we hang out around until 10am and finally got a room at First World Hotel Tower Two.

Excited at the same time tired..

We took a power nap and woke up in the afternoon then we headed right down to Chocolate Farm, Strawberry Farm and Chin Swee Temple.

If you're a great fan of strawberry, they do sell lots of cute girly strawberry souvenirs.. Bathroom slippers, tissuebox covers, bolsters, umbrella etc. for about 20 RM each

Thats us posing around with the cow-boy hat. However, we cam-whored with it already then I noticed they wrote "no photography" on the hat. Hahaha.

Apart from the souvenir shop, you will walk thru and be able to harvest your own strawberries & take them home, 100g for 6 RM.

Next we went to Chin Swee Temple..

It was already quite late when we reach there, the temple is literally already closed but you can still walk around and have a look at the breathe taking views from above..

Since Chin Swee Temple was our last destination of the day, we headed back to our Hotel, had Mary Browns and we hit the sheets. That was how our first day ended..

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Festive Seasons Updates

Chinese New Year 2013 is quite mundane. Same routine almost every year, going to the church service on the first day, so on and so forth.

This is our OOTD for CNY Day 1. W's dressed in long sleeved white shirt and me in the red dress he picked from City Plaza, along with the belt I got from Parkway.

Day 2 was also mundane, just a normal turquoise t-shirt from Cotton-On pair along with a black skater skirt.

Lion dance at W's place, playing around with the mascot, original picture was very dark, but I manage to edit the lightings and all. Messy & undone hair, ith nude bare face and geeky specs. Feel so ugly. But main focus is the mascot Cai Shen Ye's head that W's has over him, so I believe he managed to divert the photo attention. Hahaha.

Carry on with the updates,I officially quit my job over at Enterprise One and it got to be the best thing that happened so far in year 2013, that company was unbearable. (if you follow me in twitter, you'd know) So this would be the last photo of me in that company background..

Last but not least, Happy CNY to all my readers! Have a properous snake year ahead! HUAT AH!

P.S Do you all know about harlem shake ?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

CNY Haul

First of all this is a very late post I know. Lunar New Year 2013 have already been a few days now! Sorry for the lack of update because I have been shopping for CNY at the very last minute as well. I thought I am quite lucky to find some very nice and affordable apparels (even at the very last min). So I will share with you what I have bought.

For those who not know, Chinese new year is all about red red red, you got to dress up like a big ang pao (just kidding). But anyway, I sub-conciously bought 2 red dresses for CNY. I am not superticious or traditional, just that red is nice, i like red, the colors for that particular dress out of stock, so i just settled with red.

First one up here, is a red dress from montifs, which is located at Bugis Village Level 1.
Got this at 15 bucks only.. initially wanted a turquoise but no stocks, it's quite lengthy and fitting. I like to pair my dresses with a beautiful belt. And most of my belts are in black. Cause black goes well with anything. So you can wear 7 different dresses a week but with the same black belt. lol.

Talking about Montifs, it's one of my favourite shopping place. They have many beautiful dress/skater skirts for only less than a 20 bucks. Which is quite affordable compared to boutiques. 20 bucks or less for a fashionable dress, even if you throw or you wash 1 time spoil, your heart wont feel a sting. lol. Not saying the dress is cheapskate or what but as compared to 80 bucks for 1 piece, this is more worth-your-money.

Second one up, also a red dress. But this is from W. Which he got me when we were at City Plaza level 4 doing last minute shopping. $16 bucks for this lovely dress, last piece thou.

I am very picky when I buy my clothes, 360 degrees angle have to be nice and fitting then I am willing to fork out my cash for it. But I have to say this dress is really beautiful. Having the thought that W loiter around City Plaza, going into shops, flipping thru the racks ALONE is somehow funny to me.
Now the shoes part, which I got it from City Plaza as well, at a shop named My Beautiful Shoes (MBS). They carry lots of fashionable designs, studs to vibrant colors. Price range as low as $6 - $30

I got this black basic studded shoes at $29.90, which W and me choose it at first sight. Initially wanted the one with a bow at the front, but no size, this look as good. So I grab it.

Back to the dresses, having to know I have 2 red dress, I got another black one with a cute black bow at the left hand side shoulder.. over at Parkway Parade for freaking 12 bucks. Ya, 12 bucks only. Don't be surprise you can find cheap deals at Parkway. It's a shop near the bridge beside the 10 bucks hair cut station.
Enough of the dresses, because I was too cheapskate to splurge on shorts and tees since I want to make use of the dresses for work as well (one stone kill two bird ma).

I got this tribal tee (10 bucks) & a black shorts (16 bucks ) at Scape Flea.. 

Which I think it would really look nice for a casual day out & tribal is the trend now.

These are the my few grabs for the very last minute CNY Haul. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Review : La-Riche Semi-Perm Hairdye

So many people are raving on this semi-perm hairdye.Why? because of the choices of vibrant colors they have to offer.

And guess what? These colors here can be archieve by anyone, any hair texture, any hair color. It's so easy to archieve that I decided to try it out myself, with my own hair..

The dye comes in small tubs like this, 88ml. And you will just have to apply it directly. for myself, I didn't bleach my hair beforehand, cause my hair is pretty damaged, don't find the need to destroy it further..

As you can see, labelled conditioning hair color, it works like a conditioner with color! It sort of magically heal your damaged hair, makes it smoother.

Like a cream base, no need to mix any other ingredients, use it directly from the tub, mine is Dark tulip!
 I only colored the bottom part of my hair, so you guys can see the color difference of before and after.. *big sacrifice* But the results turn out well! Anyway, this is the color I achieve only after letting the dye set for 10 mins.. Yup, 10 mins and the color difference is amazing..

Another picture of me, under the sunlight!

So hurry up get your tub now @ $16 each! Visit 

Flauntlabel Singapore
INSTAGRAM @flauntlabelsg
Email us @

Thursday, 31 January 2013

YiLing's 21st Birthday: CRASH HER PLACE!

Another post up for another member of 4A'2008 clique.

And her majestic 21st Birthday Cake!

Her birthday was on the 27th, but we crashed her place on the 26th. Went there slightly late cause I was meeting Alicia at town for her present hunt at 7pm but I was 20 minutes late! So I am really sorry for that. BIRTHDAY GIRL, SORRY NAH! lol.

W was there with me this time round, and I am thankful for that. Thankful for taking a day off from work to accompany me to my best friend's 21st. But and again, YOU SHOULD ONE LA. HAHAHAHA!

HAPPY 21st TO MY GIRL SINCE 6 years ago..
(all so old already)
Every birthday post ends with a perfect group shot like this, some of them missing still..

Have a break of 21st birthdays from now till april!